Yemen Al-Durrar

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PLEASE NOTE: This coffee was roasted on 4/18 and will ship on 4/27. Metropolis recommends at least a 5-7 day rest period before brewing. This coffee actually improves with age.

Price is for an 8 ounce package.

Metropolis is donating all proceeds of this coffee to The Mokha Foundation

From the moment Mokhtar Al-Khanshali shared this coffee with us, we knew we were holding something truly special. Its incredible backstory (See Dave Eggers' The Monk of Mokha) is matched by its complexity and intensity of flavor. Explosive fragrances of lavender and fresh cherries give way to equally bold floral and fruit flavors like peach, guava, and pomegranate. These big flavors are balanced by a clean, delicate mouthfeel with a spicy, cinnamon stick finish. (Please note: we recommend at least a 5-7 day rest period before brewing – this coffee actually improves with age!) 

We are so excited to share this incredibly unique lot, and Mokhtar’s story, with you. Quantities are extremely limited, experience one of the world’s finest coffees while you can!

  • Roast: light
  • Acidity: medium
  • Body: medium-bodied
  • Aroma Notes: lavender and cherries
  • Taste Notes: peach, guava, pomegranate, cinnamon
  • Origin: Lot JA1, Yemen

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