Yader & Karen

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This washed coffee from Yader and Karen has a mild but crisp acidity that begins to slowly shine as the coffee cools, revealing apple and orange notes. Chocolate-driven flavors and a viscous, syrupy body dominate the cup. The roast profile leans more classically ‘medium’ to play towards the coffee's strengths of dessert-like flavors with ample sugar-browning sweetness. Dark chocolate, baking spices (clove, nutmeg, etc), prune, orange peel, sweet tobacco, caramel.

  • Roast: medium
  • Acidity: mild, but crisp
  • Body: viscous, syrupy body
  • Taste Notes: baking spices, crisp, rich
  • Process: washed
  • Varietal: Caturra, Catuai
  • Origin: Jinotega, Nicaragua from husband and wife farming team, Yader and Karen's farm, El Cipres, in partnership with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers (harvested Jan thru March 2018)
  • Altitude: 1,400 masl

From the head roaster of 1000 Faces Coffee:

Our goal for this Nicaraguan coffee offering is for it to be consistently and exceptionally sweet, balanced, and clean. No big fuss here - just loads of classic coffee flavors.

Once again we’ve partnered with Ben Weiner at Gold Mountain Coffee Growers (Finca Idealista, Don Francisco, etc). This year our selection comes from husband and wife duo, Yader and Karen, and their farm, El Cipres.

Yader and Karen take advantage of Ben Weiner’s generous loan program each year to make improvements on their farm. A majority of these funds have recently been invested in horses to help carry coffees from the steep mountainside farm to their home for drying and processing. The higher altitude and increased cloud coverage in the mountains of Jinotega causes the cherries to ripen at a slower pace, absorbing more nutrients along the way. In fact, because of this cooler climate, Yader and Karen’s coffees are harvested almost a full two months later than most of the rest of the country.

Because of Gold Mountain’s extreme attention to detail, they have an incredible staff that is well represented in the field at their own farm (Finca Idealista) as well as all of their partners’ operations. They don’t just have pickers on the farms; they have pickers that are double and triple checked by teams of picker supervisors. They don’t just remove imperfect cherries while at the farm level; they hand sort again on conveyor belts during the drying process and again through mechanical processing and again through the use of special UV lights that help to spot defects. All of this hard work pays off when witnessing just how clean and defect-free these coffees are.

Gold Mountain never ceases to amaze us with their commitment to quality and sustainability. In addition to providing loans and technical assistance to their partner producers, building libraries in nearby schools, and helping set up running water in local communities, they have recently bought a rainforest surrounding their property to protect endangered wildlife.

The coffee community has definitely noticed these grand efforts in sustainability, and Gold Mountain was given an award of excellence by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe in 2016. We’re extremely fortunate to be involved in this true direct trade relationship – Gold Mountain does all of the exporting and importing themselves, cutting out any third parties.

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