Uganda Gibuzale

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Gibuzale is part of an Arabica-focused area on the middle and lower slopes of Mt. Elgon, an inactive volcano in Eastern Uganda, on the border with Kenya. The Gibuzale Washing Station — where farmers bring their cherries to sell — is the most remote of all the Kyagalanyi (pronounced CHUG-uh-lani) stations. During the heavy rains, access to the station can become quite difficult. Traditionally, long rain patterns have lasted from April through December, but recent changing climate conditions have yielding less rain and higher temperatures. The average farm size is 0.89 hectares (2.2 acres) and each farmer has around 950 coffees trees. For most farmers, coffee is their most important cash crop, and they intercrop it with produce for the market — bananas, beans, peas, cassava — as well as for home consumption.
  • VARIETAL: Local Bugisu
  • PROCESS: Washed, sun and mechanical drying
  • LOCATION: Gibuzale
  • COUNTRY: Uganda
  • ALTITUDE: 1700-2200 masl
  • HARVEST TIME: December-January

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