Rwanda Kanyege

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Our first Rwanda offering of 2018 comes from the community of Kanyege, located near Lake Kivu in the Western Mountains. This is an interesting, delicate coffee that lends itself to filter style brewing. This is a small micro-lot and won’t be around for long. Soft mandarin, white tea, and lemongrass are noticed aromatically and on the palate.

From The Roaster: "This coffee comes to us from the newly founded company, Homage Coffee Source. Back in 2013, I met a college student working in Africa during one of my first sourcing trips. I ended up spending a week with him in Burundi, and we have kept in touch now and then. He has since left and in 2017 started Homage Coffee Source, a small importing company working in Africa. This is the first coffee we have bought through them, and we hope to continue the relationship."

This privately owned station was built in 2013 and sits in the Nyamasheke district. Most of the producers washing here grow coffee from 1800-2000 meters. All the coffee is traditionally pulled and then goes through twelve hours of dry fermentation. From there the coffee is collected and spread on raised beds to dry for about 20 days. Kanyege washes around 200 small hold farmers from around the region.

  • Roast: light
  • Acidity: delicate
  • Body: tea-like
  • Taste Notes: soft mandarin, lemongrass, white tea, delicate
  • Process: washed
  • Origin: Nyamasheke district, Kanyege washing station, Rwanda
  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1,850 masl

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