Ruca House Blend (5lb. Pre-Ground "Frac Packs")

$85.99 + free shipping

80oz. | Pre-portioned into packets |  Roasts every Monday and Friday

This product is pre-ground and pre-portioned into "Frac Packs" for commercial drip setups. Grind size is at the roaster's discretion. If you select Whole Bean, your coffee will still be ground.

Ruca House Blend is our homage to the beloved “classic cup of coffee”. Its approachable yet impressive, aiming to please both the casual coffee drinker and connoisseur alike. Ruca’s dependable and consistently smooth flavors of honey, chocolate, and cherries, pair wonderfully with cream and sugar, but also shine on their own as black coffee. This coffee is your tried and true, and the one you can’t live without.

  • Roast: light
  • Acidity: muted
  • Body: balanced
  • Aroma Notes: honey, candied pecans
  • Taste Notes: maple, nougat, mulberry
  • Process: washed
  • Origins: Honduras & Costa Rica
  • Altitude: 1,340 to 1,750 masl

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