Kenya Gichathaini PB

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Located on the slopes of Mt. Kenya in the center of the country lies one of the most famous coffee growing regions in the world named Nyeri. The Gichathaini Factory (washing station) has been producing coffees known for tropical overtones and delicate florals for years. This year's harvest is no different. Bright, mouthwatering acidities flavors such as kiwi and pomegranate make this coffee special.

The Gichathaini Factory (mill) is part of the Gikanda Cooperative inside the famed Nyeri region of central Kenya. The Gikanda Cooperative also runs three other mills within the area, and they lie on the slope of Mt Kenya. It serves around 3200 members and has one of the highest rates of female producers. Most of the producers are small-hold farmers some having less than 100 trees on their land. This is our first time purchasing from the Gichathaini Factory. We have cupped offerings from the mill for the past few years on our annual trips to Nairobi, but the timing never worked out on the outturns to purchase.

  • Roast: light
  • Acidity: vibrant
  • Body: silky
  • Taste Notes: Pomegranate, Panela, Nectarine, Sweet Tea
  • Process: washed
  • Origin: Kenya
  • Varietal: SL-28, SL-34
  • Altitude: 2,000 masl

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