Kenya AA Thaitu Microlot

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The second coffee in the pair Abacus purchased from Genuine Origin. This coffee comes from the family-owned Thaitu Coffee Estate in Nakuru County. Incredibly scenic and close to the equator, Nakuru is neighbors with Mount Kenya National Park to its east, Lake Victoria to its West and the Serengeti National Park to the south. Nakuru County receives approximately 35 inches of rainfall each year which is about 2 inches less than Chicago. Coffee on the Thaitu estate is carefully handpicked and delivered to the wet mill the same day. Prior to de-pulping, cherry is sorted to separate ripe fruit from under-ripes, over-ripes and twigs or debris. As is common in the area, clean river water is used for processing and is later recirculated before itÕs disposed of in seepage pits. After it's washed, the coffee is dried on raised tables in the sun and then delivered to the dry mill for secondary processing.

  • Roast:¬†light
  • Acidity:¬†balanced
  • Body:¬†full
  • Aroma Notes:¬†vegetal, spicy
  • Taste Notes:¬†rhubarb, cherry, sweet pipe tobacco, asparagus
  • Process:¬†washed
  • Origin:¬†Kirinyaga County, Thaitu Coffee Estate, Kenya
  • ÔªøVarietal:¬†ÔªøSL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian
  • Altitude:¬†5,905 ft above sea level

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