Javaya Primo™ For Offices - Monthly Membership

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The world's only Coffee Concierge For Offices

Your newest employee perk: Amazing Coffee! Javaya Primo™ is your office's own personal coffee concierge. Subscribe to Primo™ for access to real human coffee experts who are on-call to meet your office's every coffee need.

Enjoy the following benefits of Javaya Primo™:

  • Real Humans: "Cawfee Tawk" with our experts whenever, wherever you need to. They're like real-life coffee concierges!
  • Personalized To Your Office: We'll survey every coffee drinker in the office and come up with a customized selection that's sure to please everyone in the office.
  • Never Run Out: Our experts will coordinate shipments to ensure you've always got fresh coffee arriving at the office
  • Additional Perks for Your Employees: Every employee gets Primo For Home for free - forever! Now you can put "Amazing Coffee curated by Javaya" on your list of Employee Benefits.
  • Special Offers: Access to exclusive coffee deals, promotions, and free samples

Special Offer: Save 25% when you upgrade to an annual membership: Upgrade to Annual Membership today. Plus, for a limited time, all annual memberships come with a FREE live consultation with our coffee expert.

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