Folly Coffee House Bean


The Folly House Bean is a fruit forward balance of bright sweetness. It is an approachable style of coffee that will surprise any coffee drinker not used to a carefully roasted single origin cup of jo. Look for fruit notes in the taste, floral aromatics and overall deliciousness.

The Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm is owned and operated by the Hassen family. They offer free transportation services and financial support for building schools and administration buildings for the community. The farm is meticulous in the harvesting and processing of their coffees. This coffee is soft and sweet with complex fruit notes of sweet green apple, white grape and raspberry chocolate flavors. Ethiopian Organic Guji - Shakiso.

  • Roast:¬†light
  • Acidity:¬†moderate acidity that comes through as fruit notes
  • Body:¬†medium-light to light
  • Aroma Notes:¬†floral, berry
  • Taste Notes:¬†red berry lightness, light cocoa
  • Process:¬†washed
  • Origin:¬†Kayon Mountain Farm, Guji Region, Ethiopia
  • Varietal:¬†74110, 74112
  • Altitude:¬†1,900 to 2,200 masl

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