Geometry Blend

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With this blend, the Colombian gives us a syrupy, clean, fermented fruit flavor. It shows itself upfront and in the finish. Clean fermentation is the key to finding alternatively processed coffees such as honeys and naturals. Next, we add a washed Ethiopian to add more fruit and complexity.

Our approach to our blends is a bit different at Onyx. Instead of choosing coffees from specific countries or regions that will, in theory, intertwine well to create complex & cohesive flavors like most. We actually start from the end and work our way back. This perspective means we choose to create a specific flavor profile first, deciding which acidities, sugars, and fats we want to accentuate for the coffee. Once a flavor profile has been set, in this case, german chocolate cake, blueberry, and spices for Geometry. We then start cupping blind through a large amount of coffees to find these specific attributes. 

  • Roast: Medium roast
  • Acidity: Light
  • Body: Silky & Round
  • Taste Notes: Blueberry, Sweet Lemon, Black Tea, Honey
  • Process: Honey & Washed
  • Origin: Colombia & Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1,700 to 2,200 masl

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