Ethiopia Wonago (10oz.)

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Ethiopia is known to produce undeniably genetically beautiful coffees. Unlike other producing countries, the land still grows wild coffee plants, and varieties have evolved naturally - Combine that with expert sourcing & milling by our dear friend Heleanna, of Moplaco Trading Co., a woman driven by her love for coffee and her love of Ethiopia, and you’ve got a beauty.

Heleanna Georgalis took over the reins of her late father’s coffee exporting company, MOPLACO, without ever having worked in the coffee industry. She has since then earned a reputation for producing high quality Ethiopian coffees. She is involved in multiple aspects of quality Ethiopian coffee: farming, milling, sourcing, exporting and processing, We were introduced to Heleanna’s efforts by our importer, The Collaborative Coffee Source. Having a good supplier means access to expertly prepared and exported coffee, crucial to sustaining the effort put into coffee production, in order to achieve a sustainable coffee industry.

  • Roast: medium
  • Acidity: low
  • Body: medium
  • Taste Notes: honeysuckle, marzipan
  • Process: washed
  • Origin: Heleanna Georgalis, Wonago, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
  • Variety: Ethiopia Heirloom

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