Ethiopia Hambela Buku Natural

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It’s BACK! For two years running this has been our most popular offering of the year and for a good reason. The Buku Natural is one of those rare coffees that will make you question what coffee can taste like while being totally approachable. Crisp and very fruit forward, this natural process excludes deep red fruits and makes your mouth water uncontrollably.

Seventy-five kilometers beyond Yirgacheffe lies the farm Hambela, a 200-hectare coffee farm that includes a wet mill, dry mill, drying beds, and parchment storage. It’s a fantastic operation that we have had the opportunity to visit multiple times. However, it's not the most pleasant trip. Thirty hours of air travel to get to Addis Adaba, Ethiopia from Arkansas and then add a 20-hour car ride through some of the worst “roads” you have ever experienced. That being said, the coffee is definitely worth it. Hambela is owned by three brothers: Aman, Michael, and Tariku Adinew. The property belonged to their parents but had been abandoned for decades until they invested and reclaimed the old family tradition of coffee farming. The farm is certified organic, and the brothers have a tremendous heart for people and quality coffee. Within Hambela there are multiple coffee cherry drop spots. Buku is our favorite macro-lot from within this system.

This is a Relationship Coffee from our friends at METAD in Ethiopia. We’ve been working with Aman and Michael Adinew (METAD) for four years now. METAD started with one farm in the Oromia zone, then added one in Gedeb. Now they are working on a project in Limu and Sidama. We buy both natural and washed coffees from the BUKU macro lot program. We cupped this coffee as an 89. Royal brought our containers stateside for a fee, and we bought 120 69kg bags of green coffee.

  • Roast: Light roast
  • Acidity: Bright
  • Body: Creamy
  • Taste Notes: Raspberry, Bergamot, Coconut Water, Slik & Juicy
  • Process: Natural
  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Altitude: 1,950 masl

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