Ethiopia Aricha Natural

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This naturally processed coffee comes to us from the Aricha Washing Station, located in the village of Edido. This is our newest offering from the famed Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia. We love the intense berry & heavy wine notes of this delicious coffee! This coffee has tart blueberry sweetness, sparkling acidity with peach undertones. We highly recommend this coffee on filter and espresso.

  • Roast:¬†light
  • Acidity:¬†balanced
  • Body:¬†fruity, syrupy
  • Aroma Notes: blueberry, raspberry
  • Taste Notes: berry, floral, red wine
  • Process:¬†natural
  • Origin: Aricha Washing Station, Edido district of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
  • Varietal: ÔªøIndigenous Heirloom
  • Altitude: Ôªø2,200 masl

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