Dr. Doolittle's Espresso Classico - Medium-Dark Roast Direct Trade Espresso Blend


"(Roaster) Brian has definitely achieved a true-to-form classic espresso that...tastes really good and doesn’t have the burned, bitter notes often found on street-level espresso... Perfetto!" --KC Coffee Geek, 2017 Review

Dr. Doolittle's Espresso Classico at a glance

  • Benefits: A shot of espresso that stands up to milk but also tastes great on its own; 100% Direct Trade sourcing (see below)
  • Tasting notes: Chocolate, sweet cherry, a touch smokey
  • 100% Direct Trade Components
    • 50% Direct Trade Nicaraguan coffee from the "Matagalpa Community" lot, sourced through our DT partner, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers
    • 50% Direct Trade Papua New Guinea coffee from the Sigri Estate in the Waghi Valley region, farm of our DT partner, Benchmark Coffee Traders
    • Direct Trade with coffee producers builds closer business relationships and helps ensure high quality and equitable pay for coffee laborers (See all Direct Trade coffees)

"Who is Dr. Doolittle?!"

This espresso blend was originally developed with a hometown friend of Roaster Brian's - Dr. Jeffrey Doolittle, who practices medicine in Wichita, Kansas. When we developed this blend, Roaster Brian was woefully lacking in the espresso knowledge department, so he turned to Dr. Doolittle - who in addition to being a doctor had also been an espresso geek for over a decade.

We're glad to report that after a few years of experience, Roaster Brian is now quite skilled on an espresso machine and is pulling shots of Dr. Doolittle's Espresso Classico on the regular at Café Hours on Saturday mornings at the shop in Tama.

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