Divine Inspiration - Direct Trade Nicaraguan Coffee (48x 2.5oz. "Frac Packs")

What is the Future Fresh™ Date?

120oz. | Pre-portioned into 48 2.5oz packets | Roasts Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of every week

This product is pre-ground and pre-portioned into "Frac Packs" for 1/2 gallon brewer setups. Grind size is at the roaster's discretion. If you select Whole Bean, your coffee will still be ground.

Divine Inspiration is produced by the community of Las Nubes ("The Clouds"), on the border of the departments (states) of Matagalpa & Jinotega. Our multi-year partnership with this community has included additional fundraising for farm and community improvement projects such as plant fertilization of new farm plots.

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