Democratic Republic of Congo

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COOPADE COOP, Lake Kivu Region, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Bridgeport Coffee has spent several months working with Okapi Global to bring this coffee to the US. The COOPADE COOP has over 2100 members (850 of which are women). This is truly a smallholder (200 trees or less) coffee. Suppressed by the struggles of conflict, this region is beginning to re-emerge and take their place as one of the world's great origins. Picked ripe and masterfully processed, this coffee arrived in Chicago after a quite long journey with a perfect moisture content. Feedback from other roasters has been very positive with cupping scores in the 86-88 range.

This coffee has quite an inspiring story. The leader of the company, Okapi Global, traveled to this remote growing region and has begun a relationship with this smallholder group that Bridgeport Coffee hopes last for a very long time. The pictures from the journey tell the story of small farmers carrying 20 pound bags of cherry to the COOP's washing station. It is evident the care that has gone into this coffee.

  • Roast: light roast
  • Acidity: very clean finish
  • Body: medium bodied
  • Aroma Notes: sweet red wine
  • Taste Notes: toffee, berry
  • Process: Fully Washed and Dried on Raised Beds
  • Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Altitude: 1,700 to 2,100 masl

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