Costa Rica Finca San Pablo Natural

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Naturally processed coffee without the overwhelming fruit finish. Big, creamy mouth feel with hints of berry and almond. Almost perfect acidity that carries flavors through to the finish. Cupping score (90)

Bridgeport Coffee traveled to the farms of Don Edgar Ureña in 2017 to select this coffee. We purchased 2 micro-lots, one from Finca San Pablo and the other Finca San Isidro. Ingeniously simple processing at farm level. Washed and fermented in large plastic drums, dried on raised beds, then dry milled at farm level (El Pilon). Don Edgar's passion and attention to detail are obvious in the cup.

As simple as the mill was, so is the fermentation process. Before drying, the clean-whole cherries are put in 55 gallon plastic drums for about 4 days for a simple fermentation. Not all coffee is treated this way. This is a relatively new process they have been experimenting with. Initial results have been promising as fermented coffees are receiving higher cupping scores than the same coffees dried without the fermentation. Typical fermentation temperatures vary, but currently the target is 45 °C (113 °F). Studies continue that include using different colored barrels to achieve different cup results as black, green, blue and white barrels absorb and distribute heat differently.

  • Roast: medium
  • Acidity: bright
  • Body: big, creamy
  • Aroma Notes: sweet berry, lime
  • Taste Notes: winey berry, chocolate, lemon-lime, almond
  • Process: naturally processed, fermented in drums for 4 days, dried on raised beds
  • Origin: Fin San Pablo and Finca San Isidro, Costa Rica
  • Varietal: Yellow and Red Catuai and Caturra
  • Altitude: 1,700 to 1,800 masl

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