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Francisco Gamboa has grown a beautiful micro-lot of the Typica coffee variety for you to try today. This incredibly complex coffee showcases some of the best of Huila, a famous coffee growing region in the central-west portion of Colombia. You'll find this coffee breathes fresh sugar-dense notes upon grinding. When hot caramel, tangerine, and fresh cherry notes appear, and it cools with a botanical sweetness and cacao.


Origin: Colombia

Region: Huila

Farm: Los Mangos

Producer: Francisco Gamboa

Process: Washed & Raised-bed Dried

Elevation: 1500 meters

Variety: Typica

Cup: Caramel, Tangerine, Pecan, Dried Cherry



How long have you been producing coffee for?
I’ve been producing coffee my whole life.

When was Finca Los Mangos Founded?
I bought the farm 20 years ago from my Grandmother.

What generation coffee grower are you?
Third generation

Why do you continue growing coffee?
Coffee is the best crop that grows on my farm. I would have grown more coffee in the
past, but the low prices discouraged me from planting more coffee. I like the prices I’ve
been getting now, so I’ll consider planting more coffee of Bourbon Rosado (Pink Bourbon) and Gesha.

What is the hardest part about producing coffee?
Finding labor to pick the cherries, because they are very scarce at times.

What do you feel proud of regarding your coffee business?
Lately I feel very proud of obtaining a good price. It makes me feel proud and happy to see my farm and my lifestyle improve as compared to the past, it’s a very beautiful thing.

What would you like to say to the roasters and consumers who drink your coffee?
I’d say that with all my heart and all my effort I’ll continue working hard to produce
good quality.



The coffee variety Typica is one of the oldest cultivated varieties in the coffee arabica lineage. Historically Typica was first found in Ethiopia and was taken to Yemen and then widely stolen or distributed globally for cultivation. Physically you can tell when a coffee is a Typica, based on the extremely tall trees the cherries grow on. Also, they tend to produce a small yield of coffee beans that have a higher density. This usually results in flavor complexity, higher sweetness, and better acidities attributed to the increased nutrient-dense fruit. They are however extremely vulnerable to “Leaf Rust” disease that coffee plagues farms around the world. Because of this, we see less and less Typica offered every year. That is one of the most exciting things about finding a single Typica variety of coffee in a micro-lot this large.


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