Colombia La Falda

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Halfwit Coffee loves keeping Colombian coffees in rotation. We're not kidding – we’ve got another stellar example of a Colombian coffee in the lineup now, this time from the small municipality of Garzón, known as the “heart of Huila”. We love Huila for many reasons; the diverse microclimates in the region and high altitude make for truly unique coffees atypical of other regions in Colombia. This particular coffee, produced by approximately 37 small-scale growers, stuns with exceptional balance. Particular attention is paid to the processing of this fully washed coffee, which goes through a dry fermentation for about twenty-six hours, and finishes drying on parabolic patios and raised beds. This coffee has notes of spiced pear, vanilla, and buttercream rounded out by a velvety mouthfeel.

This is the first of two Colombian lots that Halfwit has to offer. Get it while you can!

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