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Jesus Muñoz has one of the highest elevation Caturra-growing farms in the Nariño region. Strong notes of peach and sweet tea in the forefront, with a juicy, silky light, fresh finish. A fall favorite.

  • Roast: Light roast
  • Acidity: Tropical
  • Body: Juicy
  • Taste Notes: Peach, Panela, Red Apple, Sweet Tea
  • Process: Washed
  • Origin: Colombia
  • Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Colombia
  • Altitude: 2,035 masl

From Onyx's Head Roaster:

"My last visit to Nariño was great. But I will say, flying to Nariño is straight up crazy. I’m usually coming from Medellín after visiting our friend Pedro Echavarria, owner of Pergamino Coffee Exporters and Pergamino Café. The airstrip to land on is along a 3000 meter-high sheared mountain terrace. When I was boarding the small prop plane, even the locals seemed anxious, and the captain lets us know it may take 2-3 “attempts” to land. After arriving, we began a 3-hour drive through the most breathtaking ravines and mountain ranges I've seen in Colombia.

Once arrived, we met with the head of FUDAM, Roquel, a new association we are working with. I started to hear not only their story but also planning the trip to the farms we were visiting. Roquel is an incredibly kind and driven woman who has spearheaded the quality over quantity push in her area. There are 350 producers within the Association, and together with Pergamino and like-minded roasters, they managed to raise money for new depulpers and African raised-beds for 20% of the association. The depulpers and raised-beds help clean up the processing of coffee. This is a substantial effort that raises the price and quality of coffee in the area. She also leads a pointed focus of helping women producers in the area which now make up 30% of the association. Overall she’s a badass, and we are totally stoked to be working with her.

La Ondulada is Jesus’s farm located in the San Pedro de Cartago Municipality on the Buenos Aires side. His farm, sitting at an amazing 2035 meters above sea level, is the highest coffee farm we have seen in the area. At just about 2 hectares he farms over seven thousand coffee shrubs. He washes his coffee by fermenting for 24 hours and owns parabolic raised beds for optimal moisture control.

On a side note, Jesus is also an avid cyclist. Not only is it one of his passions but we were told after our last visit he won several amateur races in Nariño. A man of many talents."

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