Burundi Mikuba 39 Natural

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Long Miles Coffee Project is Ben & Kristy Carlson, an American family living in Burundi, passionate about producing amazing coffee and caring for the well-being of the farmers that grow it. The result is a story of beautiful coffees, meaningful relationships & a thriving farming community in the heart of East Africa. In order to control coffee quality and the price farmers are given for their coffee, LMCP built the Heza Washing Station. It’s the second washing station built by Ben and Kristy, a place of innovation with its focus to pioneer a sundried natural coffee initiative. In addition to the washing station there is a coffee tree nursery with over 15 000 young trees, an investment in the future of Burundi’s coffee and quaility coffee at that. Heza is built into the face of a cliff overlooking the Kibira rainforest; the border of Burundi and Rwanda. At Heza many proccessing styles are practiced in addition to the sundried natural coffee initiative including, traditional Burundian (fully washed), red and yellow honey, experimental lots (fruit fermentation, yeast fermentation, pre and post fermentation). The unique “bowl” location provides natural air circulaition and controls drying time. Coffee parchment spends two days on pre-drying tables, then moved to traditional African rasied tabels, where it is monitored for optimal moisture levels. Coffee spends somewhere around 20-30 days slow drying.

  • Roast:¬†medium
  • Acidity:¬†medium acidity
  • Body:¬†medium bodied
  • Taste Notes:¬†stone fruit, candied rose
  • Process:¬†natural
  • Origin:¬†Kayanza, Burundi
  • Varietal:¬†Red Bourbon

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