Blueprint House Coffee (5lb.)

$64.50 + free shipping

80oz. | Roasts Every Monday and Thursday

A daily drinker, crisp, chocolate-y and smooth. It’s a warm blanket of a coffee. Great with milk. This is an accessible coffee that appeals to dark roast and sweetness-driven specialty roast lovers alike.

It’s a dense, high-grown lot from the freshest crop season, roasted to a medium/medium-dark level, where caramelization accents the bean’s origin flavors without becoming overwhelmingly bitter.

  • Roast: dark roast
  • Acidity: bittersweet like dark chocolate
  • Body: creamy, full
  • Aroma Notes: sweet, darker-toned notes like chocolate and toffee
  • Taste Notes: comforting notes of nougat and bittersweet dark chocolate
  • Origin: Central and South America (rotates seasonally)

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