Agobal Family

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Agobal Family is a very classically balanced and comforting coffee. The acidity is fruited but mild - think apples, pears, apricots. The most prominent flavors are sweet and chocolate driven, playing well with the full body of the coffee. We’re tasting: chocolate, almond, marzipan, molasses, tamarind, baking spice, apple, pear, cherry, apricot.

  • Harvest Season: January to March 2018
  • Roast: light
  • Acidity: Fruited, Mild, Pear, Stone Fruit
  • Body: Full, Round, Syrupy
  • Aroma Notes: Baking Spice, Marzipan, Tamarind
  • Taste Notes: Chocolate, Apple, Almond, Cherry, Apricot,
  • Process: washed
  • Varietal: Bourbon & Typica
  • Origin: Montecristo, Chiapas, Mexico
  • Altitude: 1,200 masl

From the head roaster of 1000 Faces Coffee:

We truly believe there are undiscovered coffee gems within Chiapas, and we are humbled to visit each year and continue furthering our relationships. Within each village/home/farm we visit, we are able to directly observe and hear explanations surrounding each farmers’ different growing, processing, and drying practices that make their coffees unique. A big ‘thank you’ is in order to Jesús Salazar and the entire team at Cafeología - these folks do a mass amount of work year round educating farmers, exploring new regions, processing coffees themselves, and continually pushing for excellence. They are to thank for introducing us to Mexican coffees and showing us just how much potential and beauty there is in Chiapas. We are extremely excited and honored to be sharing what we have selected this season and will be highlighting a total of four farmers throughout the year. With some logistical help from InterAmerican Coffee, we were able to import these coffees to the United States once again - now for the second time ever!

Our third Mexico offering of the season is from a group that is both new to us and to Cafeología this year - the Agobal family. Agobal Family is named for the father and daughter duo of Augustín & Crisolita Agobal, from the village of Puerto Rico in Montecristo. So how exactly did Jesús begin purchasing coffee from someone nearly 230 km from his hometown? The story begins in late 2017 when a massive 8.2 earthquake hit Chiapas. Infrastructure was severely damaged across the state and an estimated 1.5 million people were affected. At this point in time, Jesús and a group of friends were exploring ways to reach out to small villages across Chiapas that were not receiving as much aid as the larger, more populated cities. Jesús knew of an organization by the name of Fondo de Conservación el Triunfo (FONCET) that has been working for many years raising money and protecting the El Triunfo Biosphere Reservation - one of the last remaining rainforest in Chiapas, nestled high atop the Sierra Madre mountains. When talking with FONCET, he learned of coffee growing communities that were established within El Triunfo. Jesús reached out to many people in this area, with the goal of helping reactivate their damaged coffee farms and find outlets in the market to sell their coffees. Of these many people, the Agobal family were some of the most enthusiastic and accepting of his help. Augustín & Crisolita promoted the idea of continuing to grow coffee within their village, Puerto Rico, and established a core group that has hosted Jesús for a handful of coffee growing and processing workshops throughout 2018. This is the first year that these coffees have been purchased by Jesús, but he feels that the relationship is extremely promising. He considers the Agobal family a part of the ‘Cafeología team’ and there are plans already in place for increasing quality and production volume during the upcoming harvest in 2019. The Agobal Family lot is comprised of two separate farms - one owned by Don Augustín and the other by his daughter, Crisolita. The coffees are fully processed and dried on their farms in Montecristo and then shipped in parchment to San Cristóbal de las Casas. We’re excited to be releasing this coffee for the first time ever in the United States, and we look forward to seeing the relationship grow and evolve in the coming years.

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