Littlefoot Coffee

Chicago, IL

Native Michiganders and friends roasting in Chicago and serving fresh cups in their sister cafe: Cup and Spoon. The Chicago coffee pedigree is strong in this team, having worked at Intelligentsia and Metric prior to founding Littlefoot.
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Littlefoot was born out of a passion to produce exceptional coffee grown by exceptional people. Each selection highlights the hard work and art that goes into every cup and our rotating menu of seasonal coffees will keep things fresh and new throughout the year.

Our Littlefoot adventure starts in Chicago and is only made possible thanks to our friends at Metric Coffee. Having their belief in our vision gives us the ability to make our dream a reality. Thank you Darko and Xavier!

As native Michiganders, it is our ultimate goal to bring Littlefoot to our home state. It would be an honor to help fuel the people who make Michigan a truly special place to live.


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