Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Coffee As an Art and a Science

Founded in 2012, Halfwit Coffee Roasters began as a way to provide baristas and consumers alike with a panoramic understanding of coffee, from the first leaf to the final sip. They take it slow, never letting growth be their defining goal, and listening to the needs of their existing customers first. And Halfwit keeps it fun, because no one should take themselves - or their coffee - too seriously.

They try to understand and respect their place in a global system, by learning about and visiting their partners at origin and always paying fair prices for coffee. Halfwit invests in the education of their partners with a comprehensive training program, centered on a holistic and evolving understanding of coffee, not just a mechanical overview. As a company they strive to make improvements in the communities they work in, whether it is in the coffee industry at large or simply the neighborhoods they work out of.


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