ASCI'SP Cooperative: Tolima, Colombia

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This coffee from the ASCI’SP CoOp is impressively chocolately, sweet, easy-drinking, and approachable. One sip of it immediately reminded us of being kids, eating our favorite candy bar full of smooth milk chocolate, nougat, and caramel. This coffee is fun, youthful, and melts in your mouth.

  • Roast:¬†light
  • Acidity:¬†low, blackberry
  • Body:¬†rich, chocolate
  • Aroma Notes:¬†caramel, nougat, deep
  • Taste Notes:¬†nougat, milk chocolate, blackberry
  • Process:¬†washed
  • Origin:¬†Tolima, Colombia
  • Varietal:¬†Caturra, Castilla, Tabi, Typica
  • ÔªøAltitude:¬†Ôªø>1,600 masl

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