Amoret Espresso Blend (5lb. Pre-Ground "Frac Packs")


80oz. | Pre-portioned into packets |  Roasts every Monday and Friday

This product is pre-ground and pre-portioned into "Frac Packs" for commercial drip setups. Grind size is at the roaster's discretion. If you select Whole Bean, your coffee will still be ground.

Imagine caramel drizzled, soft sugar cookies, with dried cherries baked inside, like the kind your mom used to make you. That's what our Amoret Espresso tastes like. “Amoret” translates to “token of love”, and speaks to the heart and intention in the way we develop and serve our coffee.

  • ÔªøRoast:¬†Ôªølight
  • Acidity:¬†tart cherry
  • Body:¬†creamy, sugary
  • Aroma Notes:¬†cacao, rich
  • Taste Notes:¬†cocoa nib, red wine, orange peel
  • Process:¬†washed
  • Origin:¬†ÔªøEthiopia, Honduras, Costa Rica
  • Varietal:¬†various

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