Roasters We Love: Ipsento

Cool fact about Ipsento…

Their mantra is “The best coffees tell stories.”  We couldn’t agree more!!

Ipsento employees have a vision and a passion for craft, quality and engaging people.  Owner and roaster Tim Taylor took ownership of Ipsento in 2009 and quickly got his feet under him with the new operation.  The original location (“Ipsento Western”) is at 2035 N Western Ave in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood, and the second location (“Ipsento 606”) is at 1813 N Milwaukee Ave, adjacent to The 606 elevated trail that runs through Chicago’s Wicker Park and Logan Square neighborhoods.

The word “Ipsento” was invented by the company’s founders. It is the combination of two latin roots: ipse = “self”, sentio = “to discover”.  According to the good folks at Ipsento, they offer “only the most brilliant, sustainable coffees in the world”…and we dig that!  Ipsento offers classes and group trainings including “Coffee 101”, “Public Cupping”, and “Barista Basics”, all of which are designed to impart coffee wisdom “that will not only leave you with the one-up on coffee knowledge to impress your friends with, but also a consistently tasty cup every morning.”

Tim puts freshness at the forefront of everything he and his team do, defining “fresh” as falling within 3-12 days of the date of the roast.  Their emphasis is on single origin micro-lot coffees that change seasonally.  They offer both green coffee and roasted coffee, ground or unground.  They regularly offer around 4-5 different varietals from varying countries, regions, and farms from major coffee growing regions around the world.




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