Roasters We Love: Big Shoulders Coffee

Cool fact about Big Shoulders…

Founder Tim Coonan is a former chef, working in Chicago, France, and New York. He also ran restaurants in Michigan, and has teaching experience at Washburne Culinary Institute and the French Pastry School.

The good folks at Big Shoulders keep things simple – fresh roasted, no nonsense, artisan coffee! Owned by trained chef Tim Coonan, the original Big Shoulders location debuted about five years ago at the corner of Chicago and Milwaukee avenues in the River West neighborhood. They also have a location in the restaurant Troquet, which is in the Hotel Felix in the River North neighborhood.

We love how hard Tim and his team work to get their amazing coffees in front of coffee drinkers! In addition to their current locations, they’ve signed a lease to open a new coffee shop in the Chicago “Loop” and will also be opening two kiosks at Midway Airport, and they’re working on more locations! 

Tim does everything in his power to ensure freshness out the door, and with his wholesale business. Tim and this team meticulously hand pick all of the coffee based on the highest quality standards. They offer many different coffees from various growing regions including Uganda, El Salvador, Columbia, Burundi, Panama, Kenya, Costa Rica, and many more! Big Shoulders also offers limited-time special feature coffees, single origin coffees from micro coffee producers  and seasonal blends.





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